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The Art of Female Photography

The Art of Female Photography   Being able to capture the pure, natural beauty and essence of a woman, is most definitely a skill. Not only is it about making your subject feel as comfortable as

How to Know If Boudoir is For Me?

How to Know If Boudoir is For Me?   Even though some women might not be too fond of the idea, Boudoir shoots aren’t for a specific type of women. All women are allowed to feel appreciated,

Boudoir Workshop en Concepción, Chile

  Hola a todos! Cuándo recibí la invitación para compartir mis conocimientos de Boudoir  por parte de la super talentosa Paola Paz  en el hermoso país de Chile me llene de emoció

Miss A.

I want to share with you all a photo shoot that we had at the Hotel Congress in Tucson, AZ. For this shoot we had the participation of an excellent MUA named Paola Hidalgo  from “The kiss and

Miss Bianca

Hi everybody I want to share with you a boudoir session I did for a great singer her name is Bianca Alana. She is a vocalist from England. She is a wonderful girl and it was such a pleasure to

Boudoir Tucson, Arizona

Boudoir is a sexy and sensual photo shoot where you can feel unique and beautiful.  We took this picture a few weeks ago and this is a preview of her session.  Enjoy!